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Colours of Baltic Amber

pale baltic amber Ultra pale/white amber (raw)

butter yellow amber Butter yellow amber (polished)

polished lemon amber  Lemon amber (polished)

speckled white amber  Speckled white amber (polished)

green baltic amber Green speckled amber (polished)

honey amber Honey amber (raw)

Polished cognac amber Cognac amber (polished)

raw cognac amber Cognac amber (raw)

 Dark brown amber (raw)

Dark brown amber Dark brown amber (polished)

Black amber raw  Black amber (raw)

black amber polished Black amber (polished)

ombre amber Ombre fade dark to light centre

ombre baltic amber  Ombre fade light to dark centre


*Please note* these are examples only. All amber will have variety within each color family with no two pieces of amber ever being exactly the same. Color variations are to be expected and are part of the beauty found in working with natural products. Your own amber necklace will never look exactly like an image seen online, unless it is an exact photo of your piece. Each amber necklace I make truly is unique in it's own beautiful way