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Store Policies

To properly care for your necklace it should NOT be worn in a swimming pool, hot tub or the bath. Although amber is harvested from the water the chemicals used in swimming pools are very damaging. Water itself poses no harm to the amber, such as a bath. However overtime it can cause the knot work to degrade shortening the lifespan of your necklace. Soap buildup/residue can also affect the strength of amber.

My items all come with a 3 month warranty. If during that time your item breaks I will repair it for you at no cost (other then shipping). Warranty is VOID if item is worn in water. Outside of warranty I am happy to offer an affordable repair service, please email me for more info.

Please allow for slight variations in tone of amber, colors of clasps/thread used, and size/shape of beads. Each necklace is handmade and slight variations will occur. All images provided are EXAMPLES only - if you require an exact photo of your item please ask

Shipping rates/times

*Shipping within CAN no tracking or insurance $3.50 

*Shipping within CAN with tracking and insurance $10 

*Shipping to USA $8 with tracking

*Shipping to USA with tracking and signature on delivery $11

*Spend 100 and get FREE shipping

Please allow 4-6 weeks before a custom Baltic Amber design item is finished and ready to be shipped out to you. That date is from the time you get your completed form back to me, not from date of purchase

Once shipped items will arrive within 7 - 10 business days, sometimes in as little as 5 depending on location. Please note if you select "basic lettermail" there is no tracking, no insurance, and no replacements should the item be lost in the mail. By selecting this method you are accepting all responsibility and agree to these terms. FMM is not to be held responsible for post office errors of any kind, lost parcels in either direction, or late delivery. For such issues please contact your local postal service office and file a service complaint.

ATTN USA customers - please note I have no control over customs, if your item is held or delayed for processing that will delay your arrival time. For this reason please allow exactly 30 days for your parcel to arrive. FMM is not to be held responsible for any custom clearance duty/fees for items sent or received - All sales are FINAL

I do two postal runs every week, please allow 3-5 days for your order to be processed, packed up with loving care, shipping label printed, and drop off at the post office. I am but a one woman show and I work as fast as I can! 

Accept forms of payment: PayPal (no e-checks), Major Credit Card, and Interact -Transfer (Canada only)

Never leave your child unattended with an amber or hazelwood necklace/bracelet/anklet. Never let baby play with, tug, or chew on your Baltic Amber/Hazelwood or Keepsake necklace/anklet/bracelet - these are pieces of artisanal craftsmanship they are not toys. Full Moon Mothering is not responsible for any injury occurring while wearing this product.

Most of my pieces are done using knot work and a plastic screw clasp...however some adult pieces will be done on beading wire with a lobster style clasp.This will be done on the aroma necklaces and pieces with large, heavy, top drilled crystal points. Such pieces need the support of beading wire for durability and abrasion reasons 

If you have ordered a Keepsake piece please know that all keepsakes are 100% final sale - no exceptions. These pieces are custom made and created, with each keepsake being truly unique and one of a kind. There is NO WAY to dictate the exact end result as the curing process plays a special part - a magical chemical reaction occurs and while you can request color tints and shimmer powders to be added no two keepsakes will ever look the same. At the end of the day it is the item itself that is being preserved that will dictate the end result. For example dark ash will lead to a dark result, while light ash will lead to a lighter look. No true exact color matches can ever be made, only hints. The powder from a placenta pill or cremated ash, along with the pieces of a dried umbilical cord will all settle in various ways with heavier pieces sinking. This is just the nature of gravity and another part of the magic that goes into create your unique, one of a kind, and original keepsake piece. Please allow for small air bubbles and slight imperfections as these are hand poured, casted, sanded and polished. You will see evidence of my hard work because these are not mass produced items from a machine. Every keepsake is unique like a snowflake, and I like to think it is the spirit or energy of the person/memory being preserved that has the greatest influence over the end result, and I honour that process. 

*note cremated ash can rage in color from white to beige to grey to almost pure black. Placenta pills can also vary widely in color depending on how much blood was retained during the dehydration process. 

*note for Christmas orders I cannot guarantee or offer promises of any kind that an order will for sure make it to you by Dec 24, however I do guarantee to get your order to the post office in time for THEIR holiday order cut off date/time. If Canada Post or USPS is late or over burdened within their own system I am not to be held responsible for this. I will get your order into their system on time, the rest is up to them not me!

Thank you for supporting my little shop!!!

Peace, love, and pickles

Kami Fasan (owner & designer) xoxo