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Full Moon Mothering

Crystal Point Keepsake


Please note this is a custom design service and wait times can be long, I encourage you to email me so that I can better assist you! Simply use the contact page on this site, and I will be happy to give you an idea as to turnaround time

Keep a little piece of your most precious memories close to your heart in the form of a sterling silver wire wrapped crystal point pendant. Can be made from a single placenta pill, a dried umbilical cord stump, sand or crushed seashells from a family vacation, or the cremated ashes of a loved one. A truly unique and wearable art piece. This listing includes a stainless steel 20" long chain so your item is ready to wear!

Each piece is truly unique with no two looking exactly the same. You are welcome to add shimmer powder to any piece to personalize the look. Please note that cremated ash pieces can vary greatly in color, ash can range from black-brown-brown-beige-grey-white and often has heavier pieces that will sink and lighter ash that will fill in the piece.

After purchase you will receive an email from me with mailing instructions, PLEASE FOLLOW THEM! If you did not have your placenta encapsulated you will be instructed on how to dry out a small portion prior to shipment. 

Because of the intimate and one of a kind nature of keepsake items, they are all final sale. Please note that the suspension will vary with heavier pieces sinking, as will color and tone. Your item will not look exactly like what is pictured in the shop listing, it will look like you item. Unique in its own beautiful way.

Please do not wear your precious keepsake in water or while applying lotions or sunscreens. Do not let your child play with, tug, or pull on your keepsakes. Do not allow perfumes or hairspray to get on your keepsake, remove while applying. Treat your keepsake with loving care as you would a precious set of pearls and remove it while washing hands or doing chores such as dishes/cooking (spices such as turmeric can stain!)

Please allow up 6 weeks for your keepsake to be made. Each order is handled one at a time, and each keepsake takes several days to create. Waitlist times may vary, please inquire! 

Please make sure you have read and familiarized yourself with my store policies, scroll down to the bottom for the info on Keepsakes. Thank you!

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