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Full Moon Mothering

Ophelia - Adult Baltic Amber Necklace

What is Baltic Amber? It is not a stone, or a gem, it is a fossilized resin. When worn against warm skin, succinic acid is released and absorbed into the body. This naturally occurring acid has a analgesic affect helping to reduce pain and inflammation. Baltic Amber is considered a "folk" remedy long used in Europe to help cope with teething and arthritis pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine amber is believed to have calming and soothing properties that help induce sleep, and a state of peace and balance. Amber is also a powerful chakra cleanser and healer, working on an energetic level to balance all chakras. All amber used is ordered direct from Lithuania and subject to random quality control tests to ensure authenticity. Please note that amber is a natural substance therefore slight variations in color will occur.
The Following Gemstones have been used
Chrysocolla: A soothing stone that imparts peace and calm, connected to the throat chakra and speaking peace filled truth. Astrological sign of Taurus
Turquoise Howlite: Thought to be a highly calming stone, promotes sleep/dreams, aids insomnia. Connected to the throat chakra it is believed to help sore throats, recurring tonsillitis and the teeth. Associated wtith the astrological sign of Sagittarius
Lapis Lazuli: connected to the throat chakra, popular stone during ancient Greece. believed to help one speak their inner truth
Amethyst Teardrop: amethyst brings balance to the mind and helps with headaches


Do not wear in water. Never leave your child unattended with, or allow them to play with, any jewelry. Full Moon Mothering is not responsible for any injury that may occur while wearing this product. Read Store Policies

Please allow for slight variations tone of amber, colors of clasps/thread used,and size/shape of beads. Each necklace is handmade and slight variations will occur. All images provided are EXAMPLES only - if you require an exact photo of your item please ask 

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